****UPDATE - MHL Horse Trials 2015 are now Qualifiers for the Horseware Hunter Trials Series, The 1st, 2nd & 3rd placings in each class will qualify for the finals in Derbyshire on the 3rd/4th October 2015 ****

Online Entries For This Event Are Now Closed.

Class Times will be available
here Friday Evening (28th August)

All entries must be paid for prior to the event.

**Please make cheques payable to “Murray house livery” **


Class 1 intro
This class will be run over the 80 course, with SOME 70 fences as an option for green horses/ponies. In this class if you are unfortunate to have 3 stops at one fence you must then turn away and go onto the next fence, or if you want to retire you do that safely by leaving the course after acknowledging the fence judge and walking away off course away from other horses riding the course. This class is to introduce horses and riders to their first hunter trial or green horses to give confidence. Most of the fences will be 80cm but we will put out SOME 70 fences alongside for an option, you will not loose points time etc if you wish to jump the smaller option.
Entry Fee £27.00

Class 2
This class is ran over the full 80cm BE course, no smaller options. This class will run to the normal riles, 3 stops and it will unfortunately be elimination.
Entry Fee £27.00

Class 3
This class is ran over the full 90cm BE course. As above normal rules apply.
Entry fee £27.00

Class 4

Open this is ran over the 100cm course As above normal rules apply
Entry fee £27.00

Optimum Time for classes.

There will be clear round show jumping on through the day, entry on the day. The height of the course will run to the height of the class running on the xc course at the time. So there is a chance to warm up and jump coloured poles and jump a course just like you would at a BE event. Clear round rosettes will be given out.
Entry fee £5.00

Prizes in classes 1st to 3rd place, rosettes to 6th.

***All entries to be paid for before event day***

PLEASE CHECK BEFORE YOU SEND THAT YOUR CLASS IS CORRECT! Please also fill additional information in for our two commentators, and PLEASE FILL IN LORRY/TRAILER DETAILS REG ETC.
Remember to bring number bibs to the Secretary lorry for your numbers in advance of you warming up.
Dogs must be kept on leads at all times Rubbish to be placed in bins or taken home.
*** Entries close on ***
Food van and refreshments will be available on site.
Entry to the Hunter Trial is free.
Finally all this can only happen with help support and volunteers PLEASE if you or friends/ family can help, please message
Lizzie Blamire Fence judges needed, and timekeepers ètc see our Facebook page HERE
Friday 2015
Tests Are As Follows

- Walk Trot A
- P4
- P14
- Nov 30

Sunday Unaffiliated Dressage

Sunday 2015
Tests Are As Follows

- Walk Trot B
- P13
- P18
- N27
- Elementary 42

Dressage classes are priced at £10 per class

Competitors Can Enter by Completing the Online Entry Form

Entries Must Reach Us No Later Than 2 Days Prior To Events.